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Outside the Box

Queer Romance Month is a celebration of LGBT representation in the publishing industry.

Today, I’m on the blog, talking about the freedom of reading and writing queer sci fi.

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I have requested and received my rights for IRONHAVEN back. It is no longer available from Decadent Publishing or third party sites.

I’ve very mixed feelings about this. Though I have been planning to rewrite and create a three book serial, IRONHAVEN was my first published work. I wrote it off the back of realising that I needed to get my work out in the world, in less than a month after seeing a submission call. It was the first piece I finished. The start of my career.

And now, however temporarily, it is gone.

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It’s gonna get meta

Meta is a prefix used in English to indicate a concept which is an abstraction from another concept, used to complete or add to the latter. Modern use is as a term used to characterise something that is characteristically self-referential. I’m writing a geek romance about a woman who strikes up a relationship with the sci fi actor she fancies. It’s kind of like Galaxy Quest, but with less inside out aliens.

But I am writing a book that has a fan of a show that doesn’t exist. Meaning that I have to create a fan universe from scratch. The show title, plots, episodes, characters, actors. The whole shebang. Meta meta.

Project: untitled geek romance
New words: 1,146
Total count: 3,761

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Say your right words

When writing, it’s important to choose the right words. To build a picture while not descending into flowery prose. To communicate an idea fully. I know this. So why didn’t I do it when tweeting last night.

Part of it was tiredness. It was past eleven; past my bedtime. Part of it was excitement; he’d mentioned his guest spot on NCIS New Orleans (airing tonight at 9pm on CBS) and I got giddy. I also got to remembering how his guest spot on the original NCIS was a blink-and-miss-it one. What I forgot, in my need to know if it was more than that, was that Cliff Simon is mentally 12 years old.


What he doesn’t realise is my geek romance is set modern day and so has my heroine using social media. He is literally feeding the story at the moment, which might account for today’s word count.

Project: untitled geek romance
New words: 1,713
Total count: 2,615

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Close the door on a short night

On Friday, I determined that October would be spent working on lesbian sci fi romance COMFORTABLY NUMB. I also decided I’d unplug over the weekend. Neither of those things happened.

Saturday was spent shivering under an Aran and sneezing my face off. Hubs cooked dinner as I couldn’t stand without the room spinning. I tried to knit, and managed to mess up garter stitch. So I switched the laptop on and played Facebook games, then watched Strictly Come Dancing and Doctor Who.

On Sunday, I got hit by a line that I had to write down. Not for the sci fi romance. Oh no. My brain couldn’t manage anything so helpful. I opened the geek romance I started last year, rewrote it back to first, and today wrote new words in it.

Project: untitled geek romance
New words: 300
Total count: 902

There’s also a short story brewing which I intend to submit to the Temporally Out of Order anthology.

It’s not about a vibrator.

It’s not about this, either. I just like the song.

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