All The Things

The last four weeks have been a whirlwind of things. It all started on May 2nd, with a visit to the local craft shop for Yarn Shop Day. To say that experience was underwhelming is an understatement. Especially as people were tweeting better ones. Photos that showed yarn shops full of people knitting, crocheting, and chatting, with tea and cakes on hand. That was what I wanted. The kind of day I would have put on, if I owned a yarn shop.

That last thought stayed with me. I read a few online articles, downloaded a book, and considered the idea. I did a search for available properties. One search turned up a little shop in Little Lever. It had been a toy shop, and it was as cute as a button. Hubs and I went to see it, managed to get in, and… that was that. I was in love.

With the copy editing dwindling and me very determined not to be unemployed again, we got more details. I applied for a loan. It wasn’t much, but I got it. I rang the estate agent. The next day, I met the landlord, agreed to the terms and signed the paperwork. Paid the bond and first month’s rent. I came away with the keys and a mixture of excitement and dread.

Now I’m looking at opening on June 13, barely a month after conceiving the idea. I’m hugely busy and set to become even more so. And in the meantime, I’ve not been writing. When I got the analysis for GENESIS DUSK on Wednesday and realised it needed considerably more work, I was deeply upset. The thought of having to do another rewrite on top of everything else seemed impossible. And, to a large degree, it is.

I can’t spend a month on rewriting like I did during NaNo. The shop is going to be more than a full time job. It’s going to require time and effort and mental resources that I won’t be able to spend elsewhere. I’ve invested a fair bit of money and need to recoup that. Which means it has to be my top priority.

What does this mean for GENESIS DUSK? What does it mean for my other writing? Well, everything else has to take a backseat. I originally planned to published GD before September, so I had copies at BristolCon. This is obviously not going to happen. I don’t know when it’ll be published, but I have made an editing plan. It’ll be a case of one step at a time, fitting editing in where I can, and getting feedback from my editor. Writing has to go back to being a spare time thing, rather than a full time one. And yeah, that’s hard, but I cannot do ALL THE THINGS, no matter how much I want to. Not without burning out and risking bankruptcy.

But stay tuned, because GENESIS DUSK will happen. :)

FF&P Prism Awards


I’m stoked (and more than a little shocked) to announce that ARCHANGEL has been selected as a finalist in FF&P’s Prism Awards, in the Novella category!

Winners will be announced at a ceremony during the RWA’s annual conference on the 23 July.

The full list of categories and selected works can be found here.

Zaniah Press

Since mid-February, I’ve been working at getting back into self-employment, but with a more sustainable plan. I’d already come up with a publishing name – Zaniah Press – and released ERASURE under it. Early March, I applied for and got a job as a copy editor. This is pretty much a full-time position, which means less time to write, though working from home I am still my own boss. I can negotiate hours as required. So pretty perfect.

My plan was to continue writing sci fi romance and self-pub as Misa Buckley under Zaniah Press. This worked fine until two things happened. The first was realising my rights to ELEANOR’S HEART return to me in July. I immediately planned to rewrite EH and then write the two sequels in my head, publishing them under a pseudonym to ‘protect’ my sci fi romance brand.

The second thing to happen was the muse handing me a contemporary romance bunny. I fought but it won. I’m currently on 8K, writing it for Camp NaNoWriMo. But I knew there was no way I could maintain three author websites and work a 35 hour week and have a life, so I sort of stole a leaf from Lori Gallagher Witt’s book and decided to ‘umbrella’ all three names on one website.

Zaniah Press is in the early stages of construction. Eventually, it’ll be the only site I have – I’ll let this one go when the domain name is up for renewal – and will be home to three of me. Misa Buckley is writing sci fi romance, Meredith Heyworth is writing historical fantasy and paranormal romance, and Dee Tass is writing contemporary romance.

To be honest, there’s more being planned at the moment than I can actually share. There are… wheels in motion that will put me in control of my career as an author. Things I’m really excited about and promise to update as soon as I’ve something concrete to tell you. But I can say one thing – it will be good. šŸ˜‰

April Fools for Love


The suggestion for blog posts was to write something about characters. I’m not going to do that. While the first might be April Fools Day, it’s also the anniversary of me and hubs dating.

As of today, we’ve been together 24 years. And tomorrow we’ll have been married 20.

SoĀ while everyone else is sharing fictional love stories, here’s a real one.

I asked him out. Sort of. Last day of the half term, before college broke up for Easter, I “borrowed” his calculator. I didn’t need it. What I did was enter seven digits and save them to the memory. Those seven digits was the phone number of my parents’ house. The trick worked – he found the number, rang it, and I invited him along with a walk my parents had planned.

Mum, H, me, and Dad.

Three years later, we were engaged. Then I got pregnant. We married in a bit of a rush on 2 April 1995, because the celebrant at church wasn’t available on the first.

Three months after that, our first child was born. (She’s 20 this year. Where the hell did the time go?!). Four more followed, at irregular intervals.

Hubs and IĀ a lot of things in common. We’re both petrolheads and love watching motor racing. We’ve a very similar sense of humour. We both adore sci fi (our dogs are named “Nippet” after an Ewok and “Chewie” after… well, Chewbacca). And while he might not be a reader, he’s endlessly supportive of my writing.



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And that’s a wrap

Today I closed down Chrome and opened OpenOffice to write the last scene of COUP DE GRACE.Ā The last scene of my Amazing Grace series.

A few moments ago, I wrote the last sentence.

I love this series. I love Grace and Benedict. I love the fact the series is peppered with references to Stargate, Buffy and several comic heroes. It’s been a fun series to write, not least because I’d done the minimal planning and the plot often took turns which surprised me. In fact I’d no idea how Grace and Benedict were going to stop the Bad Bad until the last few scenes of SAVING GRACE, when I had an epiphany and had to open a new document to make notes.

I am a little sad to be ending Amazing Grace. However, I doubt I’ll be leaving the ‘verse forever.

Before I leave it for the moment, I’ll leave you with THE song I’ve listened to while writing this series.