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Another NaNo Update


Day 19 of NaNo, and I’ve hit 41K. According to the website, I’ll hit 50K on the 24th, which leaves me six days to push on to my personal goal of 60K. Regardless as to whether I make that goal or not, I will have a complete draft of GENESIS DUSK by Christmas.

Come the new year, I’ll be deciding whether to submit it to Breathless Press or start hunting for an agent. But I need to see what it’s final word count is before then.

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fast trackYesterday, I sent five pages of GENESIS DUSK to Breathless Press for their NaNo Critique Weekend. A few hours later, I got a rather excited-sounding email offering me a Fast Track – meaning that I can submit directly to the editor rather than to the slush pile. This is not a guarantee of acceptance, just a quicker response of yay or nay.

The editor who picked it says that GD “sounds amazing” and that the excerpt, apart from a few missing words (something I’m terrible at doing), is “in decent shape!” Both of which are very nice things to hear!

As to GD itself, I reached 33K for NaNoWriMo today, with 40K overall. I’ve roughly 30K of the last draft to work through and estimate a final word count of around 72-75K.

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A NaNo Update


The GENESIS DUSK rewrite is going extremely well! I knocked out just over the required 1667 words yesterday, then, when updating my count to the NaNo site, realised I was only 174 words off hitting the halfway point*. So I went back to the manuscript and wrote them.

Ahh, sex scenes. They’re so wonderful for word count.;)

*The official halfway point – my personal goal for the month is 60K, which I’m on target to reach.

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SFRB Showcase: November


Welcome to my second SFR Brigade Showcase! As it’s November, I’m doing NaNoWriMo (I’m misabuckley on there if you want to buddy up), though I’m rebelling – rewriting work-in-progress GENESIS DUSK. This is one of the new scenes.

Then an alarm screamed out.

“What in stars’ name?” I scrambled out of my seat and dashed to the communications relay on the refectory wall. “Report,” I barked into it.

“Clamp failure,” the metallic voice of the computer said. “Damage to Airlock Five.”

My stomach dropped to my boots. “What sort of damage?”

“Hull breach. We are venting oxygen.”

The impassive tone made the situation sound nothing to be concerned about, but I knew differently. I met Marin’s gaze, saw the horror on her face that I’d little doubt showed on mine.

“Personnel?” I asked.

“Twenty in the effected area. Blast doors have containment.”

Twenty? My heart skipped a beat, then restarted at double pace. I didn’t bother telling the computer to raise the blast doors to release them – the system was automatic and couldn’t be overruled while the ship was venting oxygen. At least, not by the computer. There was another way.

“Stay here,” I told Marin. “Or better, alert medical that we’ve a situation.”

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Cover Reveal: GRACE FALLS

Grace Falls ecover

Having learned that Global Solutions has a space rocket facility, Grace McKenna and Benedict Thomas race to stop the launch in the belief there’s a bomb. But the launch goes ahead without issue, making Grace wonder what she’s missed.


When fellow “abnormal” Charity points out the rocket launched is an attempt to control the rain cycle, Benedict surmises that there’s something being added to the water. Going against his wishes, Grace heads to Hammel, determined to get the answers.


However, the main one, of who is behind the scheme, is waiting for her… and his plans are darker than Grace could ever imagine.

GRACE FALLS is the fourth story in the Amazing Grace series, and is released 1st December 2014 through Champagne Books. Pre-order now from Kindle and All Romance.

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